1.Return goods from the date of receipt of express delivery within 7 days, commodity mainframe performance failure within the provisions of the three packets, (in the appearance of the goods. Accessories Packaging and other intact without affecting the secondary sales. In the case of non-human damage, etc.) you can choose to return the goods and repair them free of charge.

2.1-year warranty; within one year from the date of signing for express delivery, the mainframe of the goods has a performance failure within the three packets, (not artificial damage, etc.) to provide you with free maintenance.

In order to protect the profits of consumers, the following circumstances are deemed to affect secondary sales:
(1) the original product package opens or start up of installs battery;

(2) the original package of the sealing product is opened;

(3) the product is electrified, over watered, plugged into the chute and so on;

(4) the purchase of goods that do not support return;

(5) others that may affect the secondary sale.

Rules for the actual date of receipt:
Express delivery or self-order, based on the customer’s actual date of signature;

In particular, no return shall be made in the following circumstances:
Any goods are not sold in this store(serial number is not match);
Over-insured goods (more than three guarantees of goods, but you can choose to pay for maintenance);
Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, injection, accident, alteration, commodity quality problems caused by incorrect installation, or tear up, altered stickers, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marking;
Packaging, accessories, gifts (coupons) (need to be returned with the main goods), the instructions are incomplete, missing or altered;
Sealing product original packaging open, one-time sealing or rubber strip breakage (except quality problems);